4 thoughts on “Welcome to the End of the World!”

  1. I’m game. Lets start this conversation. I have had some strong flashes of clarity with regards to the future. How it will start ~ too many possibilities to list. How easily we will be overcome by the one world government, its already done. The world has mostly already submitted. But … God has a plan !!! and as the thief on the cross was redeemed as Jesus lay down his life for us, so many will be redeemed during the tribulation. I am Catholic. I pray you will open yourself to the spirit before you form any pavlov’s dog responses to the faith I practice in Jesus’s name. Susan, Australia

    1. Susan – I’ll be very interested in hearing about your flashes of clarity.

      Rest assured that I won’t judge you for being of the Catholic faith. You’ll find that I don’t get my underwear in a twist about that sort of thing. Jesus gave three commandments to us: honor God appropriately (comprising the first 5 of the 10 commandment), treat our fellow man charitably (comprising the last half of the 10 commandments and to feed, clothe, etc.), and to spread the Gospel. Anyone obedient to those things out of their faith is probably on the road to salvation from God’s incredible judgment despite denominational or religious affiliations.

      So . . . a few questions to help me understand where you are and where we can begin. Am I correct in remembering that you’re reading my book ‘Finding the End of the World”? How far have you gotten, if so?

      What’s your understanding of “the tribulation”? Do you hold to the Catholic A-Millenialist position regarding Christ’s return or kingdom?

      I appreciate your willingness to discuss these things openly. May God richly bless your faith. rb

      1. Good morning Rob – and I thank you for not putting my Catholicism before all other things. I guess you can infer how much savagery is directed towards the faith of my Church. I know this is directed by those who reason by (their perception of) doctrine, rather than by the spirit of the New Testament. Which is odd, because Jesus spent his ministry seeking out the ‘untouchables’ –

        I have only been able to look at certain selected pages of your book and I can tell that nearly 2 decades of your life went into this. It is an incredibly meticulous and academically written book. You leave little room for anyone to surmise that you have not undertaken every avenue available to present it as something researched in full cognisance of 2000 years of history in the cultural, linguistic and scriptural context – the Lord has certainly lent himself to this undertaking.

        With regards to a tribulation perspective, first and foremost the Catholic church adheres to the admonition to live daily in the faith and not to place our attention too much on ‘what is to be’. if we are too focused on the evils in the world and the fallen state of man and the fulfilment of the book of revelation, then our daily walk loses its purpose and power. that is not to say that Catholics – Popes, Bishops, Priests, and parishioners turn a blind eye. Every day in every country we are all faced with the evidence of rapidly approaching (and destructive, catastrophic) change but to not stumble we must keep our eyes on the Lord. The rise in exorcists and exorcisms are evidence enough. Is the Church weakened by the ‘faithful’ falling into social and cultural sin? Yes of course, we all are. Governments, professionals, academics, religious faithful of all denominations – from the top to the bottom, the spirit of Anti-Christ is weaving his web of manipulation and blindness across the face of the earth. From my heart, I do believe that those that have that destiny will be here for much of the tribulation. Will we suffer? of course. But in a world captured by Satan, who has eliminated God (and freedom to choose God), an army of faithful will willingly suffer persecution and death in defiance of the Antichrist – this culling will be large scale, and it will be public – think the French revolution, think the European pogroms, pre war and the holocaust of the 2nd world war. Think every brutal civil and religious war that has been broadcast worldwide in the last 50 years. But it will take a while for the scale, depravity and enormity of this to catch up with those who pledge their allegiance to the antichrist, because we are so inured, and anaesthetised by violence, death and apocalyptic destruction. and the world will have been (already is … ) socially programmed to have such hatred towards those who stand against the new world order, they will feel like they are ‘doing God a service’ when they kill those who defy the planned new world structure. Satan will demand everything that Jesus and God require from their followers. Complete and utter submission and obedience.

        However, having said that, I also believe that a pre-tribulation gathering is already taking place through the mortal human passage of death. So much death. So many innocents. So many faithful, gathered every day around the world seemingly by the hand of random and meaningless ‘fate’.

        I am not a biblical scholar, nor an academic. But I am always cognisant of the words I use as I am not trying to impart ‘my’ intellectual human understanding in opposition or defiance of doctrine. I clearly see how the Lord uses people in many different and varied ways to bring His truth into the world. No one human can bear the whole picture, the whole truth and bring it to light in a way that everyone can understand. There are so many voices, from every corner of the world, that are instruments of God, bringing forth the gospel in innumerable ways.

        As Pope Francis said recently, when we see chaos, confusion, suffering, we are looking at a tapestry from the back – all we see is the loose threads and knots and tangle of colours in what appears to be a random and confusing and unbeautiful picture. But God sees the tapestry from the front – every stitch in its place, every colour in harmony with the next, and a scene of beauty appearing and coming to life.

        Catholics, like Christians, believe in walking the path the Lord has set before us, with humility, dignity, compassion, joyful acceptance and submission of personal purpose. Lord, use me today, as an instrument of your love and grace, may I say the right words, at the right time, with the right people to advance your kingdom, to soften the hearts of those who have been hardened, to bring your spirit of love to the lonely, peace and strength to those that are troubled, courage and faith to those who struggle to lift their hearts and eyes above the grinding demands of a world that no longer makes much sense.

      2. Susan – thanks for sharing your perspective on faith, obedience, and tribulation.

        Like you, I don’t ‘watch the skies’ for any sign of prophetic fulfillment. If you read my book from cover to cover, you’ll discover that I’m all about helping people increase their faith through exposure to the Gospel and all the confidence it brings. I teach how to study along with providing building blocks for truly understanding everything history and Scripture have to say about the end-times. I don’t chase signs or speculate dates (although I do have private thoughts I share with friends who press me on the subject!).

        Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to banter about as you go through the book.

        I pray you have an excellent weekend!

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