THEOLOGICAL THUGGERY. Yep, I think it’s a thing.

Somewhere in the Theological Foundations section of my doctoral dissertation, as I considered the religious context in which I find myself in Taylor, I realized something interesting and sobering:

From outward appearances, it seems as though we Christians often believe that our job is not partnering with God to reconcile [all] creation but to beat other Christians into doctrinal submission.

Apparently, the task is to convince others of faulty theological thinking.

The funny thing is that all human-made Christian doctrines are flawed, some worse and more dangerous than others. Perhaps most can be traced back to one human and his or her baggage and philosophical influences.

Anyway, I’m guessing that THEOLOGICAL THUGGERY is not God’s mission or desire. So, learn well, live well, love well, and teach well … without doctrinal debilitation, theology thuggery, or biblical bullying!

Blessings and peace,Ron Braley

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