Which ‘Racial Persuasion’ Checkbox Would Jesus Choose?

What color was Jesus’ skin? Ask around and the answers will vary from white, brown, or black. Although it shouldn’t matter, I thought I’d remind everyone of some basic information that may help solve the puzzle and put things into perspective. The timing is awesome considering many people are about to celebrate His birth!

First, remember that Jesus only had DNA from one human: His mother, Mary. And she was a Jew born and raised in Israel. Her skin would’ve been olive-colored and her hair black. Her eyes probably were brown. The rest of Jesus’ genetic makeup came from God through the Spirit. Who knows what our creator engineered to complete Jesus’ physical outer shell; however, He looked enough like a Jew to be accepted by His countrymen. So, suffice to say, he would’ve had an olive complexion, dark eyes, and dark hair. And, in keeping with physical characteristics of other Jewish men, Jesus’ hair was probably curly, not straight, blonde, or extremely long.

Second, remember that Jesus was indeed a Jew by birth and religion. He was very familiar with the Law of Moses and Jewish faith, and He lived accordingly. So, Jesus (Jeshuah, actually) looked like a Jew and acted like a Jew. But, are complexion and demeanor that important? I don’t think so. In the immortal words of Paul Harvey, let’s find out the rest of the story.

Anyone stressing about Jesus’ nationality and color is definitely worried about the wrong thing. Again, He was a Jew by birth and religion, and his complexion was darker than fair framed by dark, curly hair and dotted by dark-colored eyes. His nationality was important to the fulfilling of prophecies related to the salvation of mankind, but that’s where the criticality stops. Jesus could’ve been any nationality, color, or racial persuasion and still have offered mankind the same choice of eternal life because of His sacrifice and resurrection.

So, the spirit that inhabited the earthly body of Jeshuah is now in heaven with the Father of Spirits. The physical body with a Mediterranean hue is no longer needed and has been gone for centuries. While in the flesh, Jesus might’ve checked a box next to “Jewish” or “Not Caucasian” or “Other” had He been completing a job application in the first century AD. What would He check now? Perhaps a box titled, “Not of this world”? Maybe one that states, “Of the Light Persuasion”?

Which “Racial Persuasion” box will you check if asked to after your body becomes dust?

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