Demons with Job Titles & the ‘Spirit’ of Biblical Abuse . . .

Sometimes, unwilling to accept that we may be the cause of sickness or feelings such as anger, depression, or sadness, we seek to blame other people or specific demons with job titles. This is unfortunate because it makes possible the shirking of personal ownership and repentance as well as the growth of grace in us as we deal with difficult people and difficult circumstances.

The idea of naming spirits in an effort to place blame for our bad circumstances comes from a few Scriptural references that, in context, only refer to a state of mind or personal attitude.

For instance: Numbers 5:14 refers to a spirit of jealousy; Deuteronomy 34:9 introduces a spirit of wisdom; Isaiah 19:14 introduces a spirit of distortion; Isaiah 61:3 mentions a spirit of fainting; Romans 8:15 warns of a spirit of slavery; 1Corinthians 4:21 describes a possible spirit of gentleness; Ephesians 1:17 reveals a spirit of wisdom; 2Timothy 1:7 includes a spirit of timidity.

Some people name other spirits such as ‘heaviness’ or ‘depression’ or ‘jezebel’ to make sense of how they feel or others behave. Remember that all spiritual beings are creations regardless of whether they’re demons or the spirit within us, and all have a leader – either God or Satan. So, what about Satan? Perhaps another time . . .

For anyone who believes they’re being hounded, possessed, influenced, or hindered by a demonic spirit of ‘this or that’: Just remember that those of us who truly have given ourselves to God through faith and obedience have nothing to worry about – we’ll remain beyond reach of any temptation or oppression demonic spirits can initiate. In addition to God’s protection, we also have wisdom and guidance through His Spirit.

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