God – the Heavenly Hierarchy

The word ‘God’ is used in two basic ways in the Bible.

On one hand, it’s the corporate name given to the Father, Son, and Spirit who have worked together in the creation, care, and judgment of mankind. This is Hebrew el-o-heem – our God in plurality from the beginning (i.e. Genesis 1:1-2 & John 1:1-14).

Different beings labeled as ‘God’:
Father: the father of spirits (Hebrews 12:9), the father who gives us the Spirit (Luke 11:13), and the father who forgives (Matthew 6:14-15). The name of our Heavenly Father of Spirits: Jehovah. We, beginning with the Jews, are instructed to call Him by this name.

Son: came to earth and took human form (spirit in body like us) to become the sacrifice for all. He has earned the right to rescue us from judgment. He sits in the kingdom of heaven at the right side of God the father (Ephesians 1:19-20).

Spirit: described as the ‘breath of god’, He is currently on earth to guide and instruct those who follow the Christ (John 16:13).

But, they’re corporately the same just like company employees or a husband and wife may be of one mind. Jesus pointed this out when claiming that He and His father were one and the same (John 14:11).

On the other hand, God has been used as a title for our heavenly father, who is also labeled as the father of spirits. This makes sense considering His creation of the spirit in mankind.

Unfortunately, manmade doctrine has distorted our understanding of God – His character and name, and hierarchy alike. Jehovah, our creator, will one day judge all spirits for how they used the body while on earth whether for evil or good works. We’d better figure out who He is and what He wants . . . and in a hurry!

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2 thoughts on “God – the Heavenly Hierarchy”

    1. Hi Jamie. I’m only pointing out that the word ‘god’ is used to reply to what we refer to as the ‘Trinity’ and as a title for THE god Jehovah. There is no doubt and should be no argument that there is a creator/God Jehovah, the entity we call ‘Jehoshuah’ (Jesus) who agreed to be obedient to Jehovah to live and die among men so Jehovah could raise Him on the third day as a sign to all who would believe (e.g. see the book of Hebrews, for instance), and the Spirit of God sent to earth to assist us while we await our gathering in the last days (Jesus is clear about this!).

      However, private interpretation and manmade doctrine being what it is, there are differing opinions on this despite what we see in the Bible. So I appreciate that you may disagree with what I’ve said.



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