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Whore of Babylon

Nearly two chapters in the book of Revelation have been devoted to figurative Babylon, which will represent two things during Daniel’s 70th week: the “mother of whores” and the location of the Antichrist’s rule during his three-and-a-half-year reign – the Great Tribulation.

Old Testament prophets and Jesus had a lot to say about the “whore,” God’s original and unfaithful bride. They also gave us insight into Babylon as a city – headquarters of the Antichrist. You’ll learn that the harlot has been, and will be, Israel and the city Jerusalem.

  • God’s bride engaged in adulterous acts (e.g. idol worship, human sacrifice, sorcery, etc.) while under Babylonian rule. Many ancient prophecies were directly related to this.
  • The adulterous acts earned Israel the title of harlot.
  • Ancient prophecies regarding Israel’s harlotry were concerned with the near-term (problems and consequences of that day) and far-term (the adultery and consequences that will occur during the reign of the Antichrist).

Here are some key points to keep in mind as you explore this last-days entity and location:

  1. Contrary to theology presented in multimedia built on out-of-context scripture (like the Left Behind series), the end-times stage has always been (and will be!)  the Middle East and those nations surrounding Israel – not Europe or the US. This is well-supported by Old and New Testament prophecy and apocalyptic literature.
  2. Israel was (and will be) the unfaithful bride of God and the only nation to be labeled as a harlot by Him.
  3. The term Babylon is used in Revelation to represent Israel and the adulteries she has, and will, commit.
  4. Israel has been responsible for the deaths of the prophets and others throughout history. Her final act of adultery (the covenant with the Antichrist/beast kingdom) will cause the death of many saints, including those who believe in Christ and walk in His ways.
  5. God instructed His priests’ garments to be made of purple, scarlet, gold, and jewels. This is the adornment of the harlot.
  6. God will allow the Antichrist and his kingdom to make Israel “desolate and naked” during the three-and-a-half-year Great Tribulation period.

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Do you know that we, as Jesus’ followers, are to also be a faithful bride? In fact, we promise this whenever we drink from the communion cup of the new covenant with a pure heart.