What do Christmas and the End of the World Have in Common?

It’s hard to imagine a connection between Christmas and the end of our world as we know it, but a relationship exists. Strip away all the festivities, lights, and mountains of credit card slips and the association may become clearer.

 Birth. Death. Resurrection. Forgiveness. Judgment. These are the clues important to understanding how Christmas is linked to the last of our days on earth. Let’s examine each of these keywords as we paint a picture of the “Yuletide Apocalypse”.

The original intent of Christmas was to celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ. Jesus, the enabler of salvation, had to come to earth, take human form, and then physically die as a sacrifice for humanity. (His birth and life were foretold hundreds of years beforehand by prophets such as Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Micah, and Daniel.)  If Jesus hadn’t been born, we’d have no hope of salvation or anticipation of His return to rescue followers of Jesus the Christ (Messiah or Savior) from God’s judgment. We shouldn’t be surprised that early Christians wanted to celebrate the event.

After a brief life of about 30 years, Jesus had to die in order to be resurrected, which in turn provided hope for His return and our salvation. (This too was prophesied between the 8th and 6th centuries BC.) Suffering and death led to a promised resurrection that freed Jesus’ spirit from His earthly body and allowed his return to heaven. There’d be no salvation without His birth, life, death, or resurrection.

Now, because of the Christ’s birth and subsequent sacrifice, we can be forgiven when we behave contrary to God’s ways if we truly turn from rebellion and follow Jesus. We’re also compelled to forgive others who treat us inappropriately (again, based on God’s standards). However, those of us who don’t forgive others won’t receive forgiveness from God. No forgiveness, no salvation.

So, without Jesus’ birth, life, subsequent death, resurrection, and God’s forgiveness, we’d have no choice but to experience end-days judgment and potential punishment. The birth we celebrate at Christmas paved the way for forgiveness for everyone and the freedom to choose spiritual life and a stay from end-times judgment. So, celebrate the birth that gives life this season, and forgive to be forgiven!

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