Mystery of Inequity

I inspired those who destroyed the temple in Jerusalem 2000 years ago.  I was here 1,000 years before that, and will come again as the “man of lawlessness”. I’ve had many names throughout history.

Known as Nimrod just after the great flood, I was hell-bent on overthrowing the Ancient of Days. I wore the garments made by him for Adam and wielded immense power as the anointed cherub of God. Being torn limb from limb didn’t dissuade me. I knew I’d return to challenge my creator again. I always come back.

One of you foresaw me first as the “little horn” of Greece who became Antiochus Epiphanies to the Jews. I flattered, confused, and deceived until they gave up their ways – the Law of their Yahweh. The temple altar ran red with the blood of swine and I ended the life of thousands of the people of my enemy. Fatal disease set me back just a little. Finding a new host in this world is incredibly easy and I can be very persuasive!

I influenced the Arabs and Syrians and Romans, driving them to destroy the temple of the Jews and scatter them like sheep. Total annihilation is my goal. The people followed me then and they will again as the days of the gentiles draws to a close. A covenant of death is coming, Jew and Muslim to be willing participants. I’m sure I’ll be raised high above Yahweh this time and will become god of all!

I won’t be some fair-haired, blue-eyed European. Nor will I be your Pope or the World Bank. Silly people! Want to know who I am? Ask Ezekiel and Daniel. Ask your Christ. Ask your Paul. Or, stay asleep. What do I care! I am coming and the world will acknowledge me – not your Christ. I am nothing like him. I am . . . the Antichrist.

My hope is that this paints a clear picture of what the coming Antichrist will look like. Who do you believe the Antichrist will be?  Why?

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